Mott Hall V is a science- math- and technology-based school, dedicated to the academic and personal development of students who will become tomorrow’s leaders. Students are challenged to question, anticipate, solve problems, assume personal responsibility, and emerge as enthusiastic, lifelong learners. We provide a structured environment for grades six through twelve that includes a nurturing staff, a strong sense of family and community, and substantial support for students’ academic and personal growth. Also it’s dedicated to provide a nurturing, quality education emphasizing Mathematics, Science and Technology that will guide 6th through 12th graders to higher educational opportunities and lifelong success.

Our School History: The Mott Hall V School opened its doors to the students of the Bronx, August 2004. MHV is replicated after the acclaimed ” Mott Hall School” located in Harlem, New York. Continuing in Mott Hall’s footsteps of success, MHV received recognition and praise for their work with the Bronx middle school students. In 2010, the school was granted expansion from grades 6th through 12th.


Graduates will be independent and inquisitive young people on the path to being life-long learners and doers.  All learning at Mott Hall V takes place in the context of the age of technology into which our students are born and in which they will someday lead. Students receive the individual attention they need in order to thrive.  In an atmosphere like that of a family, both caring and firm, students are challenged by a rigorous scholastic program and nurtured by activities that address their developmental progress from child to adolescent.  Mott Hall V teachers not only encourage creativity and critical thinking, but self-discipline and responsibility as well.


The Mott Hall V philosophy of educating the whole child is realized through innovative courses that provide academic challenges and cultivate personal initiative.  Courses and enrichment activities within and beyond the regular class schedule reach into the city, linking students to the world of work, the natural environment, community service, the arts and higher education.  As an NYC ILearn school, students have the ability to engage in blended classrooms where online software enhances learning experiences and allows for individualized instruction that meets the students’ interests and learning level.  Every opportunity is sought to expose our students to the world of work in careers related to Mathematics, Science and Technology.  Students will initiate projects and meet with professionals in fields such as architecture, banking, electronics, law, business, design, engineering and medicine.  Students are also introduced to various career options in the not-for-profit sector as they provide meaningful volunteer service to the community in which they live.  Core courses include Mathematics, Science, Literacy, Social Studies, Technology, Spanish and Art.


Our goal is to service the individual needs of our students. Intervention and Enrichment services are offered to ensure our students are provided with a solid educational experience that gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)

  • Student Support Center-Tutoring

  • Credit Recovery

  • Saturday Academy

  • Lunch Intervention services


At Mott Hall V we believe, “character education is not optional—it is inevitable, and therefore merits intentional focus and priority status in the school.”

  • Middle school focus will be on character education and the transitions from elementary to middle to high school as well as the developmental stages of the adolescence.

  • High school focus will on college readiness, academic guidance, peer to peer relationships and leadership growth.

  • Both Middle School and High School advisory programs will focus on the core values as outlined in the FALCONS Expectations, instill the importance of academic excellence and foster team building.

Essential Features

Mott Hall V opened in the fall of 2005 as the fourth replica of the successful Mott Hall middle school in Harlem.   After eight successful years, we have established several features that make our school unique as well as successful. These features include:

  • Dress Code

  • Laptops

  • Family Nights

  • Blended Learning

  • Experiential Learning

  • Advisory

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS)

  • FALCON Ambassadors

Instructional Vision 2015-2016 : 

Creating classrooms where students will collaboratively engage in stimulating tasks, generate and solve thought-provoking questions and challenge peers’ responses while tracking and monitoring personal growth and skill development.

SCHOOL GOALS  2015-2016:

1.By June 2016, Content Area Teams will develop rigorous CCLS aligned units of study performance tasks, rubrics, common grade level assessment and individual instructional goal sheet (for all students) as measured by 35% increase in pre to post departmental test results.

2. By June 2016, school leaders will create and implement professional development that will focus on instructional support (including interventions and scaffolds) to increase rigor for all students, resulting in a 10% increase in teachers improving in their Domain 3 ratings as evidenced by Advance.

3.Through a new parent support center, provide regular opportunities for parents to learn about their child’s progress while collaboratively generating new workshops that are relevant to parents and to the school’s instructional vision of creating more independent and self-monitoring students.

Program Highlights

  • Uniform School

  • 6th Grade Summer Orientation

  • Credited Freshman Summer Bride Program (HS Only)

  • Small Group Advisory

  • Grade Level Trips and College Tour

  • Educational tours to Enhance Learning

  • State of the Art Science Laboratories

  • Reading & Writing Group (MS Only)

  • Writing Workshop Freshman year (HS Only)

  • Sports & Arts After School Program (MS Only)

  • PSAL Campus Sports through Monroe Campus

  • College Bound Initiative Partner School

  • C.U.N.Y College Now Partnership with Lehman College (HS Only)

  • Digital Learning Opportunities though NYC’S iLearn Program

  • Pupilpath Grading System for 24/7 Access to grades

  • Accelerated 8th Grade Courses

  • Advanced Placement Courses