As a small school that provides a quality education with a strong emphasis on Mathematics, Science and Technology, many families are eager to enroll their child into MHV. Parents that select MHV (X242) must include our school on their child’s application form. This form is provided by the Guidance Counselor at your child’s current school.

Upon receiving notification of acceptance, we ask prospective parents to complete a Student Questionnaire and a Parent Questionnaire (available below) to help us prepare for your child’s educational journey at MHV. Additionally, you and your child will receive a Welcome Package with Dress Code Requirements, Homework Policy, Student/Parent Contract, List of School Items, and other important information. In order to provide a caring and structured learning environment, it is critical that every member of the MHV community understands what is expected.

We have found that our most successful students at MHV are those children that are:

  1. Academically successful in the lower grades
  2. Thrive in a disciplined and structured environment
  3. Enjoy the study of mathematics, science and technology
  4. Involved in extracurricular activities
  5. Have a good attendance record
  6. Are serious about school-work and homework
  7. Are well behaved
  8. And whose parents are actively involved in their child’s education.

Additional Admission Requirements for our Middle School:

If you are willing to be part of our middle school, you must attend our Summer Orientation.

Additional Admission Requirements for our High School:

First, you should put our school as one of your top choices in your High School Application.

Come to our Open House. If you are unable to attend, call our school and make an appointment with our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Rosa, to visit the campus.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact your child’s guidance counselor. If you have questions regarding our school, please feel free to contact us.


Student Questionaire

Parent Questionaire