Sports & Arts

About Our Program:

Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation (SASF) is New York’s leading provider of after-school programs.  Our mission is to help bridge the academic performance gap among under-achieving students and in low income neighborhoods through wholesome, skill-building activities designed to improve children’s academic performance, health and wellness, attitude towards school, self-confidence, character and values, and opportunity for lifelong employment.

What we offer:

Within the sports and arts program there is a variety of activities that students can participate in. These activities include:

Dance, Step, Baseball, Basketball, Flag football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Visual Arts, Martial Arts


In sports and arts we also offer Leadership and STEM. Leadership helps the students explore leadership through respect and actions, it helps them enhance their decision making skills, and prepare for everyday life situations. During the STEM the students are able to use i-Ready, which is a program that will prepare them for the standardized test.

Our Story at MHV

The 2016-2017 school year will be our third year with the Mott Hall Team. We are all very thankful for the support we have gotten from the MHV staff.  With their help we have managed to build a fun, safe, and loving environment for our students.

Meet the Staff

Site Director: Catherine Rosario

Assistant Director: Luisana Martinez

Education Specialist: Kiniesha Gayle

Leadership Specialist: Chevanee Scoot

Data Specialist: CounselorShanique Lewin

Sports Specialist: Rudolph Smith, Maverick Hodge & Santino Valdez

Performing Arts: Jessica Pitt & Marc Cantey

Arts Specialist: Raphine Stewart & Dominique Wilkins
Sports and Arts After School (SASF)
1551 East 172nd street
2nd floor RM. 216C
Phone: (718)620-8160 ex. 2163