Our Mission

Mott Hall V is a science, math and technology-based school dedicated to the academic and personal development of students who will become tomorrow’s leaders. Students are challenged to question, anticipate, solve problems, assume personal responsibility, and emerge as enthusiastic, lifelong learners. We provide a structured environment for grades 6-12 that includes a nurturing staff, a strong sense of family and community, and substantial support for students’ academic and personal growth.

Intervention/Enrichment Programs

At Mott Hall V our goal is to service the individual needs of our students. Intervention and Enrichment services are offered to ensure our students are provided a solid educational experience and granted access to the Least Restrictive Environment.

Our Instructional Vision

Creating classrooms where students will collaboratively engage in stimulating tasks, generate and solve thought-provoking questions and challenge peers’ responses while tracking and monitoring personal growth and skill development.