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Mott Hall V is dedicated to provide a nurturing, quality education emphasizing Mathematics, Science and Technology that will guide 6th through 12th graders to higher educational opportunities and lifelong success.graduates will be independent and inquisitive young people on the path to being life-long learners and doers.  All learning at Mott Hall V takes place in the context of the age of technology into which our students are born and in which they will someday lead. Students receive the individual attention they need in order to thrive.  In an atmosphere like that of a family, both caring and firm, students are challenged by a rigorous scholastic program and nurtured by activities that address their developmental progress from child to adolescent.  Mott Hall V teachers not only encourage creativity and critical thinking, but self-discipline and responsibility as well.

Latest News -Schools will be open on Wednesday, January 28, 2015. Regents exams will be administered as scheduled. After-school programs will be open. All Tuesday Regents exams will be administered on Thursday, January 29.

Given the snow day, Regents exams will be rescheduled to Thursday. The subjects impacted are:

  • Global History and Geography
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Comprehensive Testing in Writing (special education)
  • Comprehensive in Mathematics (special education)

On Monday, January 26, all after-school programs, PSAL, and evening adult education programs will be canceled. School field trips and PD for teachers will also be canceled. Regents exams are being carried out as scheduled.

  • Please carefully read the below updated guidance regarding administration and scoring of January Regents and RCTs exams and communicate the changes to your staff and all affected students.






Living Env.

Monday, 9:15am

Administered Monday

Delivered to schools

Distributed scoring


Monday, 9:15am

Comp. English

Monday, 1:15pm

Algebra 1 CC

Monday, 1:15pm


Monday, 1:15pm

Global History

Tuesday, 9:15am

Thursday, 9:15am

Delivery Jan. 26

Within your school

Int. Algebra

Tuesday, 1:15pm

Thursday, 1:15pm

Distributed scoring

US History

Wednesday, 9:15am

As scheduled

Delivery Jan. 26 or early morning Jan. 28

Within your school


Wednesday, 9:15am

Distributed scoring

Earth Science

Wednesday, 1:15pm


Wednesday, 1:15pm

Alg. 2/Trig

Thursday, 9:15am

Delivery Jan. 28

  • Exam administration: Exams originally scheduled for administration tomorrow, Tuesday January 27, will be administered on Thursday, January 29.  All other exams will be administered as originally scheduled.  All NYCDOE schools must follow this updated schedule.
  • Delivery of exam materials to your school: NYSED is attempting to deliver materials for Wednesday’s exams to schools this afternoon.  Deliveries to schools which do not receive these materials today will be scheduled for early Wednesday morning.  In the case that your school does not receive materials by the exam start time, please contact NYSED at 518-474-5914.  All other exam materials will be delivered as originally scheduled.
  • Scoring method:  The US and Global History exams will be retained at your school for scoring; these exams will not be collected by the courier for scoring and teachers previously assigned for distributed scoring of these exams will report to your school, and not the scoring site.  All other Regents exams will be scored under distributed scoring, with modifications to the scoring schedule.  RCTs should be kept by your school for scoring, as originally planned.
  • Collection of exams materials from your school: All Deluxe courier collections originally scheduled for tomorrow will be rescheduled for Wednesday; all other collections will proceed as scheduled. If the courier experiences delays due to the weather on Wednesday, and your school’s exams materials are not collected by the end of the window, please notify regents@schools.nyc.gov.
  • Scoring schedule: The scoring schedule will be modified as follows.  The Office of Assessment will email all teachers assigned for scoring to provide an update regarding their assignment.

Scoring guides and test security: NYSED will continue to make available scoring guides for Regents exams under the original administration schedule.  Guides should not be accessed or made available prior to the administration of each Regents exam.



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